After several searches we finally found a bassman. Starting to rehearse with him less or more than two weeks from now on, let´s see how its gonna work... stay tuned for more information. J.R


We had some problems with the bass players, but FINALLY have found a really GOOD one, Mr. Zoran Megla - Zoka. After a couple of months of rehearsing, writing and playing the new shit, we´re gonna be able to deliver some good shows, first in austria and then, who knows, perhaps the whole world )) Stay tuned. J.R


Forgot to say that the Fränk Scully II joined the Band...shame on me...
We rehearsed a lot, wrote some new songs, Fränkie do his work very intense and huge,
brought freshness and power to the musical side of the Band.
Along with Zoran, I think he builds very strong and futuregoing rhythm section....
Zoka is very inspiring, squeezing the ideas out of me, just some more time...
We´re going to record some of the shit for our first Promotional C.D in Vienna, according to Francescos connections and work in the T-ON Studio, hopefully first or second December week.
Gonna give me some more kicks in the ass for rebuilding and updating the site
Stay well and out of jail, J.R


Oh my oh my, it´s been so long since I´ve updated this shit here so the latest facts: Our dear bassman Zoka had a serious cancer affliction but after a year of recovery he was set up right and able to continue to work with the band. Thank God he´s alright. We played our first Gig at a self organised Charity Event
against cancer with Witchcraaft from Vienna and Ars Amatoria from Bruck a.d Mur, it was great to play live after such a long time and it was not so bad due to mine (almost) nervous breakdown...It flopped though because there were not as many people as it should be at a Charity Event...Nevermind, I´m forwarding to our next gig in Vienna, hopefully at Malipop (cult pub and beautiful location). It´´s gonna be for the first time to play with the band "unplugged", no distortion at all so I have to rearrange the songs in acoustic versions for the occasion...
The recording for the "Witch of the Moor" LP starts hopefully this year, Promo CD that was planned to be recorded in Vienna at the T-ON Studio fell in cold water. And the best for last: The cover artwork was done by gorgeous Mr. Edward Repka, it´s beautiful and inspiring like all his works, but our cover is something special. Can´t wait until the recording is done...
All my Love